Try this Exercise: The Foot and our Breathing

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Try this…

Lay down if you can, sit if sitting is more comfortable. If sitting, locate your ‘sit’ bones and find a comfortable position with your feet on the ground and your legs at about a 90 with the lower leg being vertical.

Rest in that position for a moment enough to notice your breath, both inhaling and exhaling…

With the body resting, take in a deep breath and hold for a few seconds then release and breathe normally taking notice of the air leaving your system.

So connected…

As you complete the exhale, curl your toes under like a fist and using the same energy as the beginning take in a deep breath with curled toes…

What do you notice?

You may notice resistance or inability to take in that same deep breath.

One of the principles Rolfing focuses on is breath. Rolfers help people become aware of their breath, and using breath awareness allow the client and Rolfer to find adhesions, limitations to a full breath and invite the body to release and ease breathing restrictions.

This exercise helps to show how the body is connected and that one part of the body – in this case the foot – can have an affect in a seemingly unrelated part or system in the body like our breath. Likewise pain many times has its’ origin somewhere other than where we are feeling aches and/or pain(s).

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