Pain Changes the Way We Move

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Most of us have experienced pain on occasion. When pain occurs it can change the way we move, walk and how we hold ourselves. Like carrying a toddler around all day – at some point the mothers’ arm and shoulder strength begin to weaken. There is nothing wrong with the arm, but she  doesn’t have the full strength she needs to hold her child. This person may seek professionals to see what is wrong, like one of my clients did recently. She saw a doctor, a physical therapist, a chiropractor and massage therapists to address her arm weakness.
Fascia, which surrounds the bones and muscles like Cling Wrap, changes and adapts to postural shifts we make for the weakened arm. Hold a position long enough, and the fascia molds to the new shape; re-shaping muscular, nerve, system pathways etal it surrounds. The arm heals, but it may not have the full range of motion or strength it did before the mother took on the new task of holding a child or children for hours each day.
Rolfers can help bring strength back to the arm, and allow the mother to again confidently hold her child, usually with one or two sessions.
Rolfing is a system designed for the body to address the fascia, and help structurally realign the body. Rolfers are trained to take people through a holistic program of manipulation, movement and awareness, which comprises 10 sessions ranging from an hour to an hour and a half long, focusing on specific parts of the body for each session. The end result can be increased Range of Motion (ROM), decrease in chronic pain, a keener body awareness, and height increases are not uncommon.
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