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I am so glad to have been introduced to Rolfing by Gary! I walked in hoping to just loosen up some of my stiff muscles and walked out feeling fixed and balanced for the first time in years. He took the time to work through the knots and scar tissue that had accumulated over a decade of competitive cheer and dance, and gave me hope to continue competing as a professional tandem surfer. After a couple of sessions spent ‘unlocking’ my hip, shoulder, and neck, I felt well enough to sign up for aerial silks and contortion classes that same weekend. I still feel good months later and make it a point to schedule a session with Gary whenever I am in town.

Tiffany Rabacal-HarperTwo-time Tandem Surfing World Champion (2008, 2011) Honolulu, HI

Gary Mock creates a unity of healing that enhances wellness and balance for the whole body. He combines Rolfing with his own unique gifts of healing exploring the depths of gravity while awakening the heart, mind, body and soul of one’s being. Gary takes you on a journey that embraces the physical reality of healing and reinforces the energies of the body in balance, while awakening aliveness in one’s life.

Kia PortafekasTeacher, Musician, Author, Music Grammy Grant Recipient

I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful bodywork you did on me during a single 2 hour session at the scar therapy workshop Sunday. I am now feeling tremendously energized and balanced bilaterally on both sides of my upper body. The left side dead zone and crippled area around my left clavicle surgery scar from 8 years ago and broken ribs from 20 years ago has been replaced with balanced and integrated upper body functionality. My face works evenly on both sides now and the catch in my left cheek is gone. The feeling has returned to the skin below the scar that felt dead before. When I move my arms they feel equal and balanced instead of one being weaker and out of sync with the other. I have more flexibility and range of motion. I’m feeling great and grateful now! Thank you so much…

Chris MSan Diego, CA

I had never heard of Rolfing, and lately my body felt run down, and heavy. I went to see Gary. Before our session I used to climb the stairs with my granddaughter one stair at a time. After the first session, I was able to hold Cora’s hand and walk up and down the stairs and keep up with her. It was amazing to feel like I was participating in life again. Life is fun again, or starting to be – I look forward to my sessions with Gary, and the crazy changes that are taking place even after the session.

Debbie GoodsellCarlsbad, CA

My sessions with Gary have been amazing! He is passionate about Rolfing and wants to share it. Over the past 5 years I’ve had increased pain and limited mobility in my left hip, due to arthritis. I was told I would need a total hip replacment at the young age of 54. Each session with Gary has given me greater mobility and less pain. My stride is being realigned after years of walking off balance. I’m feeling young and vibrant, and always look forward to my next session. Best “medicine” ever.

Marilyn BemissCarlsbad, CA

In an effort to recover my natural gait, I found Gary. I was skeptical at first and more than a little apprehensive about someone doing more damage than good, but Gary is exceptional! Since 2010 I have had a hip replacement, partial replacements on both knees that I am now in the middle of replacing them again after a poor surgery. As a result at times I have had a lot of difficulty even walking. Gary has me standing and walking straighter than I have in years. This is the best I have ever seen as far as results.

Ed NokesEncinitas, CA
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