What is Fascia?

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Fascia is the ‘glue’ that holds our internal systems together and provides structure for our body form. Fascia has three parts : collagen, elastin, and ground substance. The liquidy substance below is ground substance, providing lubrication and shock absorption; Elastin gives fascia elasticity to stretch; and collagen provides strength. As seen below, fascia is a web. It has the ability to stretch along stress lines, and takes on polygonal and triangular shapes within itself providing support and shock absorption.

85% of all our nerves live in Fascia. AT Still – creator of Osteopathy is quoted as saying “All… nerves go to and terminate in that great system, the fascia.” Nerve pain, chronic pain, those aches and pains we notice in the morning and before we hit the pillow, getting in or out of the car are mostly held in the fascia.

By addressing fascial adhesions and lesions (scar tissue) in the body, it’s possible to alleviate or remove chronic pain held in our bodies.

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